NBA All-Star Three-Point Contest List Announced Harden Curry Wesley and Others Selected_1

NBA All-Star Three-Point Contest Announces Harden Curry Wesley and Other Selections
On February 6th, Beijing time, according to the “Houston Chronicle”, the competition in the NBA All-Star Three-Point Game this year has been fierce enough. According to the latest news, the Houston Rockets are currently the star, currently averaging 27 points per game.The first James Harden will also participate in this year’s three-point contest.Harden is also going!  ”Houston Chronicle” senior rocket reporter Jonathan-Feigen said, according to two informed sources confirmed that Harden has been invited to participate in this year’s All-Star three-point contest.  Recently, Harden said in an interview that he very much hopes to participate in the three-point contest, and proceed: I must start to vote more accurately.  This season, Harden resets his three-pointer to 38.7%, which is the highest since he joined the Rockets.In the past 10 games, his three-point shooting rate is as high as 47%.In December of last year and January of this year, Harden was continuously selected as the best player of the month and became the first player in Rockets history to do so.  I will now go to the arena to train at night and practice shooting.Harden article in today’s interview, this is a kind of hone.It cannot stop.I really enjoy this process and hone.It inspires me and keeps me motivated in every game.The night before the game with the Bulls, I was training here.Tonight, I might come here again.The most important thing is self-confidence.If you are confident on the field, anything can happen.  At this point, the eight-man list for this three-point contest is: Warriors’ water brothers Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson, Blazers Wesley Matthews, Eagles Kyle Korver, ClippersJJ Redick, Cavaliers Kyrie Irving, Spurs Bellinelli, and Rockets Harden.(Rosen)