See The Wonderful Story 148 gamesWe found . 丨 Picture Gallery

See “The Wonderful Story” 148 gamesWe found . 丨 Picture Gallery
In the early “Wonderful Flower”, there is “Do the world need superheroes?”Should I encourage the critically ill to live?””And other grand debates.These debates have also undergone extensive discussion and argumentation.Before the recording of the fifth season, the program team collected more than 20,000 debates from the Internet, conducted a detailed questionnaire survey on more than 3,000 users, and used the data to rank the debates.This is very different from the way the Air Force manually screened by the director team. The program team found that according to the data, the focus of high attention is basically on the love question.In the first four seasons, there are probably more than more emotional debates about love, marriage, and gender.The debate on love in the fifth season also increased significantly, with emotion-related debates reaching 40%, similar to “Before marriage, I asked my partner to add my name to TA’s room book, is it wrong?”There are other suitors in love. Do you want to tell the other half?””These debates have all caused a lot of discussion when they were broadcast.In the 13 episodes currently broadcast in the sixth season, in addition to a few “brain holes” debates such as “The museum is on fire, saving famous paintings or cats” and “set up a face value tax, do you support it”, it is more biasedTranslations of “selection” encountered in life, some related debates “can you accept the person who loves you to leave”, “can you get friends if you like the social”, “some should not be refined and poor”, “How to Realize Emotional Freedom” and so on have all appeared on the super search list.According to the program team, each season ‘s debate is actually drawn from the confusing real life of everyone. I hope that the fun brought by the discussion, fresh knowledge, and more or less for everyone to think about lifeFunction, and this season has highlighted the characteristics of “practical debates”.Sauna Night Net Drafting / Xu Xiao program is not deliberately pursuing seriousness. From the first season to the present, the stage of “Qiao Hua Shuo” brings together players of various professions, university professors, internet celebrities, writers, screenwriters, rapper, students, and talk.Show actors and so on.”Fantastic Flowers” to the next few seasons, the last to stay at the end is often to learn to dominate, most of them have experience in debate.Fu Seoul once described a section of both parties in the second half of the fifth season: famous school, Kochi, teacher, cultural person, professor, doctor, and her.In addition to the higher and higher education of the debater, from the competition system, starting in the fifth season, there will be someone eliminated from the team lost in each episode. Such a competition system also makes the “Fancy Flower” from the “easy free-range” styleThe “exhibition game” transitioned to a more intense debate contest.Well-known debaters Yang Qihan and Xu Jiru.The picture comes from the network “Qi Hua Shuo” Is it pursuing to become a more and more serious program?Going on, the program group said that the core of “Qiao Hua Shuo” has not changed, the distortion of the program has always been inclusive and interesting; the program does not deliberately pursue “seriousness”, “Qiao Hua Shuo” is a variety show, interesting and more important, “FromWith so many seasons of experience, the most important thing about speaking is still touching.”Li’s first priority is always to make people laugh, which is why they are loved by more people.The picture comes from the “most talkable” newcomers on the Internet. It is difficult to find the biggest selling point of the first few episodes of the sixth season than the “old strange flower to zero”. Qiu Chen, Xiao Xiao, Yan Rujing, Huang Zhizhong, these debaters have all stood upOn the stage of the sixth season, they competed with the new debaters from the sea.But for now, none of the novelty has become a “popularity king” like Xiao Xiao or Zhan Qingyun.The program team expressed its expectation that the new exotic flower will grow up quickly in the middle and late stages of the show.The first four seasons of the program team almost found the “most talkable” newcomers across the country, and the emergence of new exotic flowers became more and more difficult.The program team decided to find someone else.Therefore, in the fifth season, the casting team of “Fantastic Flower” went to five cities for offline sea elections, and registered through online platforms, brokerage companies and amateurs.The program supplements fresh blood.The popular Zhan Qingyun and Pang Ying in the show are both high score players of the sea sample.This season, the program group expanded the offline selection to seven cities. In addition, the search tentacles reached Europe, and a large number of overseas student players were discovered.Six Season Debate: Sauna, Ye Wang Edited by Tong Liu, Proofreader Tong Na, Zhai Yongjun