The new trend of diet coarse grains for eating

The new trend of diet “coarse grains for eating”

“Coarse grains will gradually be accepted by people, not only its efficacy, but also its taste.
Whether it is men, women and children, you can get the nutrients you need from the coarse grains.
Although people have always had certain rhetoric about the taste of coarse grains, fine grain coarse grains are complementary to each other and are indispensable.
Just as in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, “the grain is the nourishment, the five fruits are the help, the five animals are the right, and the five dishes are the charge.” Everything has its functions and is mutual.
  Coarse grains can not only be matched with fine grains, but also neutralized with meat and fat foods.
It can help you balance your diet and help you regulate your stomach. It can be described as “force”.
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  Coarse grains have many amazing effects, such as the most popular “sports” of the moment – to lose weight.
Because the dietary fiber of coarse grains can prolong the retention time of food in the stomach and give you a strong feeling of fullness, it avoids the excessive intake of heat, fat or sugar, and achieves the effect of losing weight. It is called “low fat, eat”Coarse grains.”
  In addition, coarse grains can even prevent depression. High-calorie diets exacerbate the development of depression, while dietary fiber has a calming effect.
The main nutrient element in coarse grains is dietary fiber. It can be said that the benefits of coarse grains are numerous.
  “粗粮换着吃”的新概念  粗粮是细粮的绝佳搭配,但是长期吃一种粗粮会也违反膳食多样化原则,并且营养学上有相关论述:长期只摄取一种食物很难满足人体多元The nutritional needs, so on the premise of eating coarse grains every day, change the different types of coarse grains to take turns.
  For example: Monday is corn, Tuesday can be changed to sweet potato, which can help the regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, and does not produce boredom on the taste, it can be described as two birds with one stone.
  But how do consumers choose to face coarse grains?
Choose a product that is easy to eat, take into account the taste, and easy to adhere to.
Green processing technology, whole grain, no additives such as non-dairy creamer.
Large-scale enterprise products with excellent production areas, excellent materials and good quality control.
Deokingfang, a well-known brand in the coarse grain industry, will launch a new series of coarse grains in the near future. It will make consumers feel different in terms of taste and raw material selection, and the foods made from various coarse grain raw materials will satisfy the “changing to eat”.New concept.