[How long is the steamed meat?

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[How long is the steamed meat?

】 _How to do_How to do

The Mei Cai Meat is a very well-known option, mainly dried plums and fresh pork belly.

Just soak the plums in advance, wash them clean, take out the cooked meat and coat it with soy sauce; fry the meat over low heat, place the plums under the container, and steam the meat on top.

This breakthrough meat is not greasy, it melts at the entrance, and it is particularly fragrant.

So, how long is the continuous steaming of plums?

The steamed meat of Meicai lasts for about 30 minutes. Tip: The meat pieces coated with soy sauce are easy to burst, and you should cover it first.

The soaked lotus seeds will roll better when they touch the water.

It’s okay to use dried plum steamed meat rolls only, but the color of the dishes will be dim.

Step 1 of making Meimei bacon, scrape and clean the skin of the pork, put it in a cold water pot, and cook it on high heat until it is mature (about 50 minutes).

2. Remove and wipe off moisture, and apply soy sauce while hot.

3. Pour the oil in the wok. When it is hot to 80%, put the pork belly skin down and fry in the pot until deep red. Remove and let cool.

4. Cut the fried pork belly into large pieces.

5, take a large bowl, pour a little oil and rock sugar and mix well.

6. Place the skin of the sliced meat down and arrange it neatly in the bowl.

7. Wash the dried plums softly, put a little oil in the pan, pour the washed plums into the pan, transfer to the raw soy sauce, and stir-fry the fermented bean curd evenly.

8. Put the fried dried plums on the meat and steam for about 30 minutes until the meat is soft and rotten (or steamed in a pressure cooker).

After turning off the heat, take out the meat bowl, cover it with a circular plate, scoop out the soup, and then buckle the bowl upside down. Heat the wok over high heat, boil the poured soup and boil until thick and pourOn the meat.