Green tea with sour apples is anti-aging

Green tea with sour apples is anti-aging

Passing the fruit shop to work, the sign reads: Newly listed Fufu apple.

In the afternoon, the writing desk became hotter due to the busy green.

A large plate of fresh fruit was removed one by one, leaving only a few green apples.

Asked why?

Qi said: Not sweet.

  Compared with Guoguang, Marshal Huang, Red Fuji and other apples eaten in the autumn and winter seasons, Fu apples are indeed less sweet and have a thinner taste, which is not very suitable for Chinese tastes.

But when it comes to nutritional value, Fu apple is not inferior.

  First of all, from the perspective of providing energy, apples are low-energy foods themselves, and the energy of Fu apples is converted into, usually accounting for 90% of autumn apples; and the micronutrients such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium in Fu apples are higher than in autumn apples.

Studies in recent years have found that pectin, organic acids, phenolic chemicals, etc. in apples have obvious benefits to the health of modern people, but these ingredients are not the source of apple sweetness.

  However, in addition to fresh food, Fu apple has a special way of eating.

I cut the apples into filaments and added them to the green tea.

After a quarter of an hour, everyone is invited to taste them one by one: Let’s savour sweetness and flavor.

  Apple plus green tea is not a simple 1 + 1. According to research by Nagasaki University in Japan, adding apple to green tea can improve the overall level of antioxidants in drinks, and has better effects in preventing cancer, anti-aging and immune regulation.

  Add 5 grams of green tea and apples cut into filaments or small pieces into a glass, and pour 200-300 milliliters of white boiled water not exceeding 60 ° C. After 10 minutes, the apple green tea can be drunk.

When the tea leaves 1/3, it can be refilled with about 200 ml of water; usually repeated 3-4 times, the value is not recovered.

Apple green tea not only overcomes the sourness of apples, but also suitable for the elderly with bad teeth.