Shaping Your Body: A New Combination of Gym Science

Shaping Your Body: A New Combination of Gym Science

When you rush to your appointment in a sexy and thin sexy outfit, will you feel too much extra meat without confidence?

In fact, as long as you bravely walk into the gym, it is not impossible to build a perfect figure through the professional guidance of the coach!

Of course, times are changing now, technology is changing with each passing day, and training methods are constantly “refreshing” and improving . In the past, using sit-ups to keep the lumbar muscles has become increasingly outdated, and dieting to lose weight is becoming more and more cliché .It’s time we hit the F5 key and “refresh” the old fitness method.

  Plan 1: Old ways to lose weight: Dieting vs. New methods: Strength exercises and aerobic exercises combined with aerobic exercise: Jog, skip rope, ride a bike, etc. for 4-5 days a week.

Practice 30-60 minutes.

  Endurance exercises: do whole-body exercises twice a week; practice individual parts of the body 4 times a week.

During each exercise, choose an appropriate intensity, weight, weight-bearing forward lift, neck lift, fitness equipment, etc . Do 2-3 groups, each group 8-12 times.

To prevent exposure to stagnation, you must constantly change the exercise and intensity of your exercise.

  Other attempts: ice skating, weight lifting, cycling, dancing, walking, running.

  Plan 2: Save the tangible abdominal muscles The old method: sit-ups vs. the new method: Yoga-Improved push-ups This method allows your abdominal muscles to contract individually in a new way.

First, the forearm and fractures support the body, with elbows and shoulders wide, knees and hips wide, and toes flexed.

Next, lower the shoulders while contracting the abdominal muscles.

Transfer the weight of the upper body to the forearm.

Slide your feet backwards, gradually straighten your legs, and keep a straight line from head to toe.

Balance your weight evenly on your hands and toes, keeping your hips straight and abdomen.

Keep this for 30 seconds, hold your arm up for 1 minute, and repeat this 3-4 times.

  Other attempts: dance, boating, weightlifting.

  Plan 3: The sculptural arms Old method: Pull-ups vs. New methods: Boxing Boxing can make you eliminate muscle relaxation and have strong muscles.

Use down hooks, direct hits, side swings, and other punching stances to make 25 punches, alternating between left and right hands.

During each exercise, change the order of posture.

Initially, the toe is slightly over, the heel is off the ground, and the armor can rotate.

Bend your elbows against the ribs.

Fist is under cheek.

When punching, the left foot is out, the hips turn to the right, driving the left shoulder forward, and at the same time, hit the left arm at the height above the face, quickly retract the punch down to the original position, and then punch the right.

  Other attempts: climbing, gymnastics, rowing, weightlifting.

  Plan 4: Slim legs, strong follow the old method: high leg run VS new method: gymnastic exercises In order to make you more fit and strong, you do not prevent trying a single leg jump exercise.

Stand with your legs close together, hop to the right with one foot, and support your foot with the whole foot. After a little balance, jump back to the left with one foot.

After slowly jumping 12-15 times this way, gradually speed up the rhythm.

At this point, jump quickly to the left with one foot, then back to the right, then jump up with both feet. Do your best to surpass.

Repeat this exercise 10-12 times.