Flying Fish Phelps 100-meter showdown Great White Shark video: only lost 2 seconds

“Flying Fish” Phelps 100-meter showdown Great White Shark video: only lost 2 seconds
The charm of sports lies in the fact that human beings constantly challenge and break through their limits.Can the top athletes and animal speed masters win?Feel it: Click here to watch the swimmer Phelps, a swimming star with 28 Olympic gold medals, should be able to represent the current speed of human swimming.A few days ago, flying fish had an unprecedented shock duel, his opponent is the sea king shark.  On July 23, Phelps and the Great White Shark officially launched a 100-meter swim duel in South African waters.Theoretically, the maximum swimming speed of the great white shark can reach 25-30 miles per hour, while the maximum swimming speed of Phelps is about 6 miles per hour.  It seems that there is no suspense in the game, but this time, the flying fish has a caudal fin that can increase the speed, which is expected to double the speed.  After a fierce duel, Phelps eventually lost to the Great White Shark by 2 seconds.After the game, Flying Fish said on social media: another game?Next time, choose a warm spot.  Judging from the video, Phelps and the great white shark are in close competition, and they look quite shocked.People can’t help but squeeze for the safety of flying fish.  In fact, for safety reasons, this video is the result of post-synthesis, first measuring the speed of the great white shark, and then calculating the Phelps speed. Original title: Shock!”Flying Fish” Phelps 100 meters against the great white shark: only lost 2 seconds