Dialogue Shanghai the most cattle open letter Author: Feng nest mandatory fees is gangster logic

Dialogue Shanghai “the most cattle” open letter Author: Feng nest mandatory fees is gangster logic
On May 10, the “Open Letter to Zhifeng Nest Company of Huayuan Community in Shanghai Central” was published, which became a screen-printing red text, and the number of readings exceeded one million in two days.The reason for the rapid arrest of the vast number of netizens, in addition to the first stop in Shanghai called Fengchao express cabinet, the more is this three-thousand-character text that is reasonable and beneficial from corporate management, business processes, general logic and professional directorsThe “hard question” Fengchao from the perspective of a hard core can be called a drought question in the “deep soul”.For example, Fengchao formed an oligopoly to occupy nearly 70% of the market share and is not a weak one. The operation of Fengchao express cabinets and the details of charges and bargaining when entering the community, as well as Fengchao ‘s public replies have been analyzed one by one.As Shanghai’s first relocated Fengchao express cabinet community, the community industry council is also known as Shanghai’s “most cattle industry committee.” The writer of this open letter is any sword that its industry leads, May 11,He accepted an exclusive video connection interview with Sauna and Yeewang.”I didn’t expect this article to be so concerned,” he said. The original intention was not to spread the word widely, but to express the public’s voice.According to the entrance fee of the Fengchao express cabinet, He Jian revealed that the community renewed the two-year contract with Fengchao last year, free + convenience to move the industry committee to “open the door”, in fact, no more than 15 yuan a day, the company initially promised free of charge during the promotion.In the face of most owners’ objection to charging, the community initially cut off the power and reset the Fengchao express cabinet. At present, there are two major demands-charging set a limited time to replace 24 hours and guiding the courier to contact the owner before delivery.”I think Fengchao has a mandatory fee, the first is to force the contract to be a robber logic”, He Jian said that the existence of express cabinets has certain convenience, and the current communication with Fengchao is smooth.”If the express cabinet is a standard, I think this is a good thing, it is still welcome.”[Talk open letter unexpectedly popular]The intention was to confess my heart. I did not expect to read more than one million in two days. “I am not a Ph.D. and a Master of Business Administration, you do n’t need to pay attention to me.”?Why did you write this open letter?He Jian: Our cooperation with Fengchao started from the contract in 2017, and it was signed every two years.The first phase of the contract last year has expired, and now enters the second phase of the contract, and then expires in July next year, relatively stable.And this open letter, at the beginning, we also paid attention to the situation of resetting the Fengchao express cabinet in a community in Hangzhou.We thought that when entering the market and signing the agreement, the sales staff of Fengchao basically reflected this to us (called free for customers).We felt at the time that the express cabinet reduced the frequency of strangers entering the building, and it was also convenient for the owners.Then, basically provide the venue at a relatively low price, including guaranteeing the basic space and supply for the Fengchao express cabinet.There are three doors in our community, and now there are express cabinets in the north and east gates.After Fengchao charges, we did a public opinion survey. We first gave feedback to the owners in the group. Opposition was one-sided.But to be cautious, we sent the topic to the WeChat platform to investigate.The results show that almost 84% of the owners believe that the expiration date is unreasonable.If it is unreasonable, the industry council must definitely represent the interests of the owners. This is beyond doubt.My original intention in writing this open letter was not to spread it widely through society, but I also wanted to find a channel to deliver it to their company.Sauna Night Net: How is this open letter currently concerned?He Jian: The average reading of our official account is generally no more than 1,000, this time it has reached 1 million, and more than 2,000 comments, but only 100 comments can be released.Sauna Nightnet: Did you expect this public fire to be so public?He Jian: This must be unexpected.This letter is our heartfelt confession, which summarizes some of our concerns and presents it.Sauna Night Net: This open and open logic is meticulous and is pre-ordered online as “three thousand words in verses, every sentence has a heart”, many netizens guess your identity.He Jian: I am not a Ph.D. on the Internet. I am a master of business administration. I have studied some effective analysis of argument before. I actually want to suggest a logic.Don’t pay attention to me, I am also an ordinary consumer, ordinary owner, everyone is the same, the original intention is to return to the original state, this is our original intention to do this.Sometimes you may not change much by doing one thing, but if you keep doing it, the environment may change greatly.[Follow-up communication with Fengchao]Compulsory contract creation is a “robber” logic, and it still maintains smooth communication with Fengchao. Sauna Nightnet: Do you think Fengchao has mandatory fees?He Jian: There are mandatory fees.The first is to force the creation of a contract. To put it more bluntly, you lock my things in your courier, but then I have to charge when I go to get it. Anyone thinks this is a robber logic.Because he did not distinguish between users, who are his visitors, who are registered users, and who are VIP users.He has no way to distinguish, so I think this place involves mandatory fees.Sauna Night: You are also the owner of the community, returning to the owner and the express cabinet itself, Fengchao brings some convenience and inconvenience to the community?He Jian: Fengchao solved some of the problems of day-to-day work owners receiving express delivery. It can temporarily store and facilitate express delivery for a particularly large group of people. Sometimes I am at home, but I may have 7 tons of express delivery a day.Excuse me, especially during the nap, I hope it may be taken up at night, which is convenient to a certain extent.There are also inconveniences, including setting a time limit of 12 hours.The smart express cabinet is a peak from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning, which is undeniable, but many couriers are dispatched in two shifts a day, and they will be dropped to the express cabinet in the evening. These couriers are particularly easy to exceed 12 hours.This happens with high probability, not to mention when you are on a business trip or not at home.I think the 24-hour time limit is more reasonable. 12 hours will break the normal rhythm and law of life.Sauna Nightnet: Do you personally want to set up smart express cabinets in the community?He Jian: If it is a normative existence, I think this is a good thing, it is still welcome.Including that we still maintain such a smooth communication channel with Fengchao Company. The express cabinet is still powered on our side, but it cannot be used normally.[About the entrance fee]The high entrance fee does not exist, and the average daily expenditure is no more than 15 yuan. Sauna Night Net: What conditions do smart express cabinets need to meet to enter the community?How is it agreed in the agreement?He Jian: Basically, the format agreement provided by Fengchao Company, which also makes us feel that there may be some omissions, and it also needs to be improved.The content of the agreement is mainly to stipulate the price. We are a three-party agreement, and Party C is a property company. The property company may have to participate in the division of income.The fees of our industry council actually separate the public benefits of the community.Fengchao requested to provide services to ensure hydropower and clear the site. The agreement also stipulates that the business council and the property cannot use Fengchao express cabinets to carry out any business activities.Sauna Night Net: Is there a high entrance fee for the community, what is the cost?He Jian: The specific amount is inconvenient to disclose because it involves some commercial adjustments.But in fact it is only 10 yuan a day, not more than 15 yuan.This high amount should also be compared with Fengchao’s daily income. Fengchao is not without income now, which includes user “appreciation” and hard radio.Fengchao WeChat public account will pay attention when receiving the express verification code, and the realization of traffic is actually its income.Sauna Night Net: Did Fengchao promise to provide free services to customers?He Jian: We didn’t record video, it was all spoken.There is currently an industry council organization in Shanghai, and now 108 communities all say that it is free when there is an agreement at the time.As a salesperson, to achieve the purpose of entering the market, this is the easiest way for them to speak.In fact, Fengchao did not charge for three years when it was stationed in our community, and this did not violate the original promise of marketing.[Talking about how to solve the problem of express couriers allowing permission to cast counters]Power off and restart courier cabinets hope to force Fengchao to guide couriers to abide by the regulations and extend the overtime charge to 24 hours.of?He Jian: At first, we first thought of termination, and then the power was cut off.Afterwards, the staff of Fengchao Shanghai came, but not the decision-makers.After they arrived, they discussed a plan to set up two courier cabinets in the background to be undeliverable, and the owner can withdraw things if they haven’t finished.Sauna Night Net: What is the appeal of the community business council?He Jian: Our appeal is very clear, the first Fengchao can charge, but 12 hours is unreasonable, and more than 24 hours before charging.Secondly, the owner hopes to contact the courier before delivery, and it can be put into the courier cabinet if the consent is obtained, otherwise the fees will be unacceptable.Therefore, we require all Fengchao express cabinets to have eye-catching signs to inform the delivery staff that the delivery staff must call first.Sauna Nightnet: Have you considered that some owners agree that Fengchao charges for overtime, and do not agree to terminate?He Jian: There are about 3,000 people in the 1000 households in the community. It is normal for the people to have a hundred hearts.In our industry council, everyone trusts and the relationship between neighbors is relatively harmonious. In fact, everyone is a supervisor, not a supervised person.Therefore, everyone still understands our current approach.There may be very individual points of view, and we are also providing some temporary convenience for owners who need to receive couriers in terms of coordinating attributes.Sauna Night Net: According to some opinions, many netizens or owners pass on their dislike of the courier’s “uninvited self-investment” behavior to Fengchao. What do you think?He Jian: Actually I think it’s easy to understand, because you have this thing, he will use it as a courier.When I did n’t have a courier in the early years, could I still enter the house?Of course, there is a new thing, it is a good thing to improve the work efficiency of society, but the good thing depends on how you guide.The two express cabinets in our community are Fengchao, which is a matter of corporate social responsibility.It has no contractual relationship with 1.4 billion people.But there is a contractual relationship with the courier, so Fengchao should tell the courier and guide him to jointly establish and maintain such a level.In fact, the courier’s situation of direct parcel parcel delivery cabinets is intensifying, and there is no control, because from the perspective of the business interests of the enterprise, it has no incentive to do so.Sauna Night Net: How do you think of solving the problem of free delivery by couriers?He Jian: At present, we need to discuss together, work together, experts, express delivery companies, and national administrative regulatory agencies to jointly formulate specifications.It is not that there was no requirement before, but it was not implemented.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Zijiao intern Li Na editor Wang Jinyu proofread Wang Xin