Don’t mislead women’s friendship as sexual suggestions

Don’t mislead women’s friendship as sexual suggestions

These studies have found that they cannot brighten your eyes, but make you suddenly bright-it turns out that people’s common sense is indeed scientifically based.

Recently, the United States “Popular Science” published a study-“Scientific confirmation of these tandem principles”, which talks about the following traditional wisdom that has been scientifically proven.

  Parents are stricter with their older children. Scientists in their research on the birth order found that parents are more strict in educating their children with older children and more indulgent with children born later.

This may explain why the youngest child in many families is always disobedient.

  Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in the United States say that there is a potential motivation behind the strictness of parents for their eldest children, which is to maintain an orderly family status, and also to prevent younger children from imitating older children’s resistance.behavior.

When the young children reach their teens and the older children have grown up and left the family, parents lose the motivation to strictly teach their children.

The petting of the youngest children can easily lead to disobedient, grateful, and discreet behavior.

Researchers are even worried that as families in the United States become smaller and smaller, children may become more and more spoiled.

  It ‘s easy to spend more when you are in a bad mood. A recent psychological study shows that if people are in a bad mood when shopping, the desire to spend money will be stronger and more money will be paid.

“People tend to focus on themselves when they are sad, so this can result.

“The principal investigator-Cynthia E. Clyde, a doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon University.

“Our research shows that those who are more likely to be self-pity when they are sad, spend more on shopping.

“The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Personality and Social Psychology.

  Men tend to suggest female friendship symptomatically. Many women have this experience: they regard a man as an ordinary friend of the opposite sex, but he regards his favor for him as a sexual suggestion.

In a recent psychological study, researchers found that at the university level, the rate of male students mistakenly thinking of female body language and facial expressions as sexual cues was 12%, compared with only 8% of college girls misjudged males to show good.


The research was published in the April issue of the Psychology Monthly.

  Wine sellers are more likely to drink alcohol. Researchers at George Washington University Medical Center found that 15% of service workers who work in bars, restaurants, CES, night clubs, and hotels have severe alcohol dependence and live in 12 other occupations.First.

  In other words, people who tend to abuse alcohol are those who provide alcohol to others.

This seems to be a bit of a “guardian theft”.

The researchers also purposely provided calculations on the website to allow employers in the service industry to calculate how much they would save if they could quit alcohol for their employees.

  The revival group of drinkers behind the service sector is construction workers and wholesale market workers, with a ratio of 14 respectively.

7% and 11.