Sun Xingming Chuanqiu boarded the hot search, Mu Shuai won his first victory

“Sun Xingming Chuanqiu” boarded the hot search, Mu Shuai won his first victory
In the 13th round of the Premier League, Mourinho’s first match after taking Tottenham, Tottenham defeated West Ham United 3-2 away, and finally ushered in an away victory again after 10 months.After the game, the topic of “Sun Xingming Chuanshe” appeared on Weibo.Sun Xingming scored a goal.Sun Xingming sent an assist.Sun Xingming’s two heroic performances occurred in the first half. In the 36th minute of the game, Tottenham counter-robbed a quick pass to the frontcourt, Ali went straight to the penalty area, and Sun Xingming suddenly accelerated to a flash angle and volleyed.In the 43rd minute, Ali returned to the ground near the left side of the left side and saved the ball and passed it forward. Sun Xingming followed the ball to advance and crossed the ball to the back point. Lucas Jr. inserted the shot and broke the goal.After the game, Sun Xingming, who contributed one pass and one shot, received the highest score in the audience once again became the focus. A topic of “Sun Xingming Passing Shot” was on the Weibo search list.This is not the first time that “Asian Brother” has been on the hot search. As early as April this year, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Sun Xingming has super personal ability to save the low shot before the bottom line to help Tottenham.They defeated Manchester City 1-0 and achieved the first chance to advance. Sun Xingming also appeared on the front page of major media.After the game, Sun Xingming warmly gave his jersey to a little fan on the sidelines and enjoyed the cheers of the fans.Mourinho shook hands with the Tottenham players one by one, stood in the middle of the field and watched the scene quietly. When the Koreans approached, Mourinho gave him a warm hug.Regarding the arrival of Tottenham’s new coach Mourinho, Sun Xingming said: “The team’s change is not particularly big.The new coach is here, he is trying to help us as much as possible, and we are all actively adapting to the new changes.As you can see in the game, everyone has put too much effort.When asked about Mu Shuai’s praise of him, Sun Xingming said modestly: “That is not very important. Many people outside can say hello, but in the final analysis it is itself.”He trusted me against West Ham United.And when I have a chance to play, I will always try to be the best.”Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Guo Li