Fertilization process from 114 to 126


Fertilization process from 114 to 126

Today, I want to talk about my fattening process here. I had a weight of 114 before the holiday. After a year, my weight is 126. This short leap growth is still not satisfactory, because there is still a certain goal.the distance.

so sad.

銆€銆€Now my own physiology is seriously hurt, because it is only a short Wednesday, and it will have certain shortcomings in this week. However, I am confident that I will be able to increase my weight and add a little fat.The ranks!

銆€銆€I returned to my home for a month, and in this month, I suffered a lot. I spent the whole day eating and sleeping. When I slept, I ate. When my mother was at home, she basically couldn’t make her own cooking.

However, this is not the main problem. The problem is in my stomach. Since my stomach has been ill, I have been slowly increasing my weight to take care of it. My three meals are normal and there are more foods.Every day, I sigh in front of the food and taste it.

The above is a short period of fattening, followed by the middle of the fattening process. Since the New Year and the few days after the end of the year, I went to eat late at night, and under their eager wine and food, I resisted.I can’t help but seduce, I don’t know what to say in the knife, Peng Hao and the boss.