Mind yoga builds a good figure and can lower blood pressure

Mind yoga builds a good figure and can lower blood pressure

Yoga is a healthy mind exercise. Do you know what is spiritual yoga?

Mind yoga is a mental exercise, a healthy, pure and peaceful lifestyle.

No one is always brave enough not to cry when they fall. It is important to know how to stand up and heal yourself after a fall. This is the most precious thing of a strong mind.

. Mind One: If you are your own master for a long time, you will feel depressed, paralyzed, pessimistic, and want to escape from the crowd.

Feeling meaningless for future life, this may be a precursor to depression.

Melancholy often leads to various disturbing thoughts, because the body and mind are in conflict and cannot be calmed down.

Many people think that healing the soul starts with the heart, so they buy a pile of books to relieve their anxiety and seek relief.

Or escape by smoking and drinking, anesthetizing yourself, thinking that it is an outlet for emotions.

However, it will cause the energy to continue to accumulate in your body organs and become a hotbed of depression.

  Mind two: Confidence comes from being physically stressed or depressed for a long time, and you will completely lose confidence.

Only with a healthy body can a confident mind, because the state of mind will definitely affect the state of the body.

If a person is in a state of too much desire and dissatisfaction, it is actually a manifestation of self-confidence and anxiety inside himself, and he wants to catch more external things to make up for the emptiness of the mind, and he will never be satisfied in the end.

The other kind of person is that his wife is too strong and persistent, and has a strong subjective consciousness. This is also because of lack of self-confidence, resulting in a mental state of arrogance or inferiority.

We can often find these traits on our friends around us, or even ourselves. At this time, in our own lives, there will be many problems at work or emotionally, which will cause great stress and worry to ourselves or others.

In fact, true self-confidence comes from the harmony of body and mind.

The top of yoga is the integration of physiology. When you let go of all the troubles and let the body enter the movement of yoga, at this time, your mind does not have to be so tired to master the right and wrong of each moment, so that each cell of the body starts to move.Get up, decompose the original body, recombine it, and slowly guide out the inner unity, you will realize a new self-confidence.

  Mind three: Let physiology blend with nature Our body is a small nature.

The birth of a life is generated under the rules of the nature universe, and now human life is almost completely isolated from nature.

As a result, our body cut off audio from its original source.

You must experience the outdoor nature. You used to swim in the mountains, rivers, barbecues, chase in the woods and flowers, and lie flat on the grass to see the blue sky.

At that time, my heart must be truly aware of the joy and relaxation for no reason and no reason. The body is very comfortable in nature. At that time, your mind is also relieved, and you can relax the tension or worry or sadness.Emotions, interaction with nature and breathing.

  Mind four: resist stress and relieve grief, and the source of stress that stops the mind is because of self-frustration or lack of self-confidence.

There is great anxiety and worry because of work or feelings, people will become very timid and fragile, hesitant, without strength, and then constantly being overwhelmed by various emotions, the tone of the boss or colleagues talking to you, a lookOr some lover’s actions may make you overlap immediately.

In all kinds of yoga, there are meditation-like classes that stop the mind and stop those disturbing thoughts from affecting the mind uncontrollably.

When you really let go of those thoughts in your head and stop them, you will find that the blank state is the best rest state of the mind.

At this time, through meditation, think about some feelings of joy, so that you can immerse yourself in the energy of joy, wash with joy, and soothe the stress and worry in your heart.

Recharge at any time and face life with a positive attitude.

  Mind five: Life is to simply use the eyes of a child and watch the ever-changing world. In fact, it is to make things no longer complicated, a single input and output, and change to ease your emotions.

Facing yourself honestly is actually very difficult.

Enter the realm of yoga, realize your own life changes, and let the mind return to the childlike innocence and natural nature, optimistic, positive, more frustrated and more courageous, simple, simple yoga life, training a calm heart, using joy to face a new life.

  Mind six: When you feel lonely, sometimes people are lonely, sometimes good friends or doctors, yoga teachers are not there, and they ca n’t listen to the troubles in your heart, then you do n’t prevent buying a lovely notebook to takeBeside me, remember everything, some dreams, desires, perceptions of people, or impressions of people, things, things on the street, and some small secrets, and write down the dates. It ‘s bothA notepad for life is also a miscellaneous notebook of moods. Think of it as an outlet for emotions. When you look back later, you can pry into your own emotional trajectory.